New Church Building

Can we do it?

Everyone likes the idea...

How can we afford it?

Dear Members and Friends of St. Panteleimon Russian Orthodox Church,

The Parish Council is asking you to consider pledging to support the Church Building project. Usually, pledges are binding for one year. However, we don't know exactly when the project will begin, so we'll have to keep an open start date. We are hoping to see it happen in Spring of 2018.

These are uncertain financial times for many churches, ours included, but so far we are holding our own. The church doesn't have any debt. We do have some savings. But we will need to borrow, to be able to start the new construction.

How it works

What we are asking now is that you consider the role that the church has had, is having, or could be having in your life and that of your family, and pledge your financial support for the first year of construction -- whenever it starts... hopefully starting soon.

Although donations are always welcome, an annual pledge permits the church to plan carefully and thus make the most efficient use of your contributions.

We will have the form available in PDF and printed formats, but as we have to provide this data as part of our loan pre-approval process, we ask you to pledge online.

Give a dollar to pledge! We also need to get a monthly contribution number from you, so every additional cent will mean your commitment to donate a dollar per month in the future. For example, if you can afford $25/mo, your PayPal charge today is going to be $1.25. If you are planning to give $100/mo, you'll send us $2.00 today.

This model will allow us to rely on PayPal's authentication model to know who you are. And we'll hope that your pennies given today will translate into real dollars in the future.

Please note: a pledge drive is required to be able to apply for a loan. If our effort fails, it will most likely prevent us from taking on a bulding project.

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19 Pledges Received

1 cent today = 1 dollar/month later

My monthly contribution to the project fund will be:

Your contribution today is: $1.10

This contribution will be handled through PayPal.
You will receive a PayPal-generated e-mail confirming this transaction.
This money is tax-deductable.
Thank you for your generous support!

Other Projects

It would be great to get a hand this time around. However, we have many more projects coming up. Please plan accordingly!

Have a look at out short-term to-do list.