Fit for the Future?

Our school needs some tech!

Sunday School is in Session

...and our kids and teachers want to make it work

You may have heard about the Fit for the Future initiative introduced by schools trying to improve their safety, security and spaces. In fact, it's being promoted so much that you may be getting tired of it. Our Church School also needs a couple of small things to make it more effective. It's not much, but it adds up:

  • Laptop computer - $300 and up
  • Monochrome ("Black & White") Printer - around $150
  • Color Printer - $200 or so
  • Two Whiteboards - $100-$200 each
  • An Extra Desk or Two - $100

Can you help (again)?

We are not trying to get anything fancy, but it would be nice to purchase equipment that would last more than a couple of years. So if you donate more than our original target amount, the school will get somethings a little better than planned. Maybe a nicer laptop or a wider whiteboard. Kids and teachers will appreciate it!

Every bit helps!

This contribution will be handled through PayPal.
You will receive a PayPal-generated e-mail confirming this transaction.
This money is tax-deductable.
Thank you for your generous support!

Would you rather give cash or check?

No problem. We'll make it work. - Please send us your contact information and contribution amount and we'll make further arrangements.

Other Projects

It would be great to get a hand this time around. However, we have many more projects coming up. Please plan accordingly!

Have a look at out short-term to-do list.