Today, no doubt, you have been virtually attacked by emails from various nonprofits asking for support.

You may be wondering where the e-mail is from our own St. Panteleimon parish. The short answer is: there wasn't going to be one. Why? We know that you know that it is part of our spiritual struggle to support our parish. Those who attented the Annual Parish Meeting know that our finances are in a good standing, but...

It started snowing and it was a good reminder that we need to pay the street clean-up bill.

The discounted rate we get adds up to just under two thousand for Mid-November through Mid-April. The brotherhood is expected to do its part on days like today (Hi there, we meet around 6:30 PM) to offset potential extra expenses.

That being said, those that are in a position to make a donation to cover this bill and help with other ongoing are encouraged to do so.

We thank you for your support today and all throughout the year!

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Your help is more important than ever now!

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